From encouraging your kid to floss once a day to brushing their teeth at least twice a day, there is a myriad of ways to help your children obtain better dental health. While keeping in mind to help them adhere to their regular dental checkup schedules, you should make sure that they avoid the excessive consumption of sugary juices and treats. If your child loves to snack, fortunately there are nutrition-packed foods out there that can be added to your child’s daily diet and improve their dental health. Check out the five fantastic foods below:

Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat yogurt is not only fun for kids to eat and enjoy, it is also a rich source of calcium that critical for healthy teeth. If your kids do not like plain yogurt, consider mixing in a few berries into the yogurt to enhance its flavor and make it extra nutritious for your little ones. They are going to ask for seconds!

Now that you know yogurt can help strengthen your child’s teeth, it offers many more benefits such as the maintenance of healthy gums, fighting bad breath and making their mouth less acidic. Cavity-causing bacteria are a big no-no to have in one’s mouth – this tends to happen when the mouth is acidic. Yogurt will help to counter this effect by balancing a mouth’s PH levels and make the conditions in the mouth less hospitable for bacteria to thrive.


Eating an orange

Not only adults, but kids need plenty of vitamin C as well. Your children require sufficient vitamin C to avoid developing scurvy, which causes swollen or bleeding gums. For starters, consider increasing their intake of fruits such as oranges (and vegetables too).

Besides consuming fruits and vegetables, a good way to achieve better dental health for children is to see the dentist often. At Arcadia Dental, we have dentists who can work with children very well. Also, your kid has the option of heading down to the front desk where a treasure box awaits them. They can open it to receive a prize for taking good care of their teeth and visiting the dental office!


It is widely known that the Omega-3 fatty acids from fish like Salmon help improve heart health. However, there is more good news! Fish are also great sources of vitamin D, which means that they can also help those who consumed it to maintain strong teeth and jaw bones. To strengthen the claim that fish is good for teeth, research has shown that the fatty acids in fish also led to lower rates of gum disease.


Spinach, everyone’s friendly green leafy vegetable, provides a good array of health benefits. For starters, they are an excellent source of iron and are powerful antioxidants. If you want to keep your kid’s tooth enamel strong, beta-carotene is needed as part of their diets. Yes, spinach provides that too!


Even today, apples are a must-have in any child’s diet. Apples contain vitamins that are essential for good health and the process of eating and chewing the fruit can actually help remove and reduce plaque from your child’s teeth. Other alternatives include carrots and celery, and they also provide the same benefit. Hence, do make it a point to add these healthy and crunchy snacks to their lunches and during snack time.

At Arcadia Dental, we specialize in children dentistry in Franklin and we highly recommend that your kid cultivates good flossing and brushing habits, besides just eating healthy foods. If you have any concerns over your child’s dental health, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email today to further discuss your child’s needs.