Partial dentures, also known as false teeth, are typically made from materials such as metal alloys and acrylic. This type of denture can be retained in the mouth by several means which include small metal clasps, clips and suction. These dentures are mainly used to replace a number of teeth or a single tooth, and that is why they are called partial dentures.

You should keep in mind that if all the teeth are missing in a single arch, a full denture is required to facilitate the replacement of teeth. That aside, these removable dentures are designed in a way that it allows their user to remove them without needing the constant help of a dental professional.

Why are partial dentures a good idea?

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As mentioned, they will be able to replace a tooth and/or multiple teeth and are usually a more affordable alternative form of tooth replacement. In addition to that, the procedure can be completed within a day or as little as four to eight hours. These dentures are also aesthetically pleasing and improve the overall and general appearance of your teeth. Oftentimes, invasive surgery is not required and this makes things much easier for both dentist and patient. When you opt for partial dentures, it will not cause any damage to the adjacent teeth.

What to expect when you decide to get partial dentures

It might a little bit uncomfortable at first, due to the denture being slightly larger than a natural tooth. However, that initial sensation will pass and you will not be too bothered by it being in your mouth. Part of the denture can also cover the roof of your mouth and may affect speech and function. Hence, it will take some extra effort to articulate clearly.

There is a possibility that the denture will become loose due to the shrinkage of the bone and surrounding tissue of the missing tooth. When that happens, you can visit your dentist again to get a replacement. Finally, you will need to step up your game in the maintenance of excellent oral hygiene habits to prevent mouth infections like thrush.

Common materials

Chrome dentures are more of a long term solution as the required components and the frames are cast in a single piece. The components of this denture rest on natural teeth and soft tissue, which makes the denture as well as the tissue and tooth borne. This allows an even distribution of load during mastication and helps to keep the underlying bone intact. Chrome dentures can also be made smaller for increased comfort and less chance of breakage.

Acrylic partial dentures are the most cost effective option that can be made within a shorter span of time. These dentures can be relined and used as a temporary denture before you receive your dental implants or chrome dentures. Acrylic dentures require more care as they are prone to breakage. You might also need some time to get used to it as they can be slightly thickly.

Consult a dentist

If you are planning to enhance your smile with the use of natural-looking replacement teeth, you should always consult a dentist to find out what works best for you. Before your partial denture can be made, it is usually a standard practice to have your remaining dentition checked by a dentist. This step is needed to ensure that your dentition is in a stable condition to handle the load of a denture. To get started on the journey of replacing your missing tooth, you may do so by opting for affordable dental services in Franklin. Contact us today for more information!