Myths That Children Believe When Visiting The Dentist

Children, young as they are, have many qualms every time a dental visit is mentioned to them. Just a mere mention of the word ‘dentist’ sends them under the table with all those made up reasons on hand for them not to go. For them, it is a taboo, maybe because of stories they heard […]

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What Are The Different Types Of Fillings Used For The Teeth?

Dental fillings are used to fill up cavities in the teeth. Fillings are also useful to repair a cracked or a broken tooth. It is also utilized to fill up gaps between teeth which have worn out as a result of nail biting or tooth grinding. Dental practitioners endorse it as a remedy to dental […]

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Arcadia Dental New Year

Just like many others this month, you are making your New Year resolutions. And, just like many others, some of your resolutions are bound to come and go. Usually, resolutions are not kept because they are talked about and wished for, but when it comes to actually doing them, there are no plans. No structure. […]

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Welcome to the Dental Blog of Arcadia Dental!

Our blog posts will bring you the latest news and updates in Franklin, MA dentistry. This blog will also serve to inform you of the latest news regarding dental events at our dental office. At Arcadia Dental, we provide advanced dental treatments and with positive results for our […]

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This World Wide Web site with its home page in the domain Dentistry21.com and Solution21inc.com and other websites that are designed by Solution21 Inc (also known as Dentistry21), Solution21 Inc. clients, hereinafter referred to as the website, is an information service provided by Solution21, Inc. and its clients hereinafter referred to as Solution21, at no […]

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