Some individuals are prone to getting cavities even though they brush their teeth twice or more every day, floss every nook and cranny in their mouths, and use an oral rinse to flush remaining food debris and bacteria out of their mouths.

Before finding out why this is so, you can rest assured that Arcadia Dental is able to help you maintain proper oral hygiene as well as provide routine teeth cleaning services to keep cavities at bay. Of course, you must continue to care for your teeth and gums at home throughout the year for optimal oral health.

Upon hearing this fact, you might suddenly recall that some family members or friend whose oral cleaning routines are not as diligent as yours still do not get cavities nearly as often as you do. Why is this happening? You see, some people are unfortunately more susceptible to cavities for a variety of reasons or should we say, potential causes. In addition, not all of these reasons have anything to do with improper teeth cleaning. Let’s find out more about what they are.

Potential Cause #1: Tooth Shape

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Some teeth naturally have deep grooves, and these grooves make them more susceptible to cavities. They tend to catch destructive bacteria, sugars and food particles much more easily. What’s more, these grooves are more difficult to clean and can cause destructive results if erosion takes place. The grooves are usually located close to the root of the tooth, which is a very vulnerable part. Grooves that decay are known as a leading cause of cavities. If you have these troublesome teeth shapes, you need to make the extra effort to clean them fully twice each day to combat and prevent cavities.

Potential Cause #2: Gum Recession

The roots of the teeth can become exposed if your gums recede far enough. If the base of your tooth is exposed for too long, bacteria can build up in these problem areas and cause decay much easier. The result? Cavity formation. It is recommended that you start brushing lighting with a toothbrush that’s ultra soft. This way you avoid causing further recession. You should also combine this soft brushing technique with enamel enhancing oral rinse and fluoridated toothpaste usage. You will need to visit your local dentist to ensure that gum recession stops becoming a larger health issue.

Potential Cause #3: Dry Mouth

Regular feelings of dryness in one’s mouth can eventually affect your one’s health. You need saliva to combat cavities as it can wash away bacteria, sugars and destructive food particles in your mouth. Illness, chemotherapy treatments and medication side effects are some of the possible causes of dry mouth. If you lack natural moisture in your mouth, you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If your dry mouth symptoms seem to be more severe, make sure you consult your healthcare professional for additional treatment options.

Potential Cause #4: Oral Bacteria

Other forms of oral bacteria or microbes can be more aggressive when they react with sugar in someone’s mouth. Some individuals have this type of destructive bacteria in their mouths, and it breaks down the protective barriers of their teeth. Decay then occurs down through the root of the tooth, which then leads to cavity formation. To enhance the tooth’s natural protection capabilities, regular brushing, flossing and oral rinsing is a must.

Potential Cause #5: Poor Diet

Consuming too many sugar-filled snacks and beverages can affect oral health and increase one’s risks of getting cavities. Sugars from these foods can stay lodged between teeth, and even along the gum line. They can also cause destructive bacteria to multiply and cause the tooth enamel to erode. The lack of protection allows cavities to wreck havoc on the patient’s teeth. When possible, avoid sugary foods such as sweets, juices, sodas, as well as carbohydrates like white bread. Instead go for, crunchy fruits and vegetables as well as water. You can consider bring your toothbrush and toothpaste along with you to work as well.

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