A dentist appointment is always problematic, especially for kids. This may be because they are generally afraid of dentists, or they expect some painful experience while there. Either way, getting your teeth checked for the first time is always uncomfortable thus your child will need as much preparation as possible. Here are a few tips to make it easier both for you and your little one.

Meet your dentist


Before the appointment, take some time and visit the dentist in order to familiarize yourself with the staff and the office in general. This will help you get an idea of where you will be committing your baby and the people that will be taking care of both of you. The significance of this first visit is to ensure that you are comfortable before you can bring your kid with you. If you do not like that dentist’s office on the first visit, you can look for another one in the area. The idea is to ensure you take your child to a dentist that you actually like and trust.

Do not make any assumptions

The dentist is present to answer all your questions both prior to and during your appointment. This is why you should not make any needless assumptions that could only breed fear and unnecessary anxiety. The reality here is that you are visiting a professional who probably has years of experience in child dentistry. Rather than torturing yourself, you should consider asking them all the questions and concerns that you may have. Here, you must remember that your anxiety could easily rub off on your child and make the visit unbearable for both of you.

Find positive energy

You need to talk to your child about the dentist’s appointment, but you cannot afford to scare them. Do not mention painful or scary experiences or equipment since these are sure to send the child into a panic. You can use pleasant stories in books and cartoons to explain who a dentist is and what they do for the teeth. You can even consider buying copies of Dora the Explorer- Show Me Your Smile, among other relevant books to read to them. The idea is to ensure that your child knows what a dentist is before they get there. The more positive you are with this introduction, the easier it will be for them to embrace the idea of their teeth being checked.

Plan the visit well

Being late adds on to one anxiety levels. This is why you need to plan for the appointment and ensure that you get there early enough. Making an appointment is like making a commitment to your dentist, meaning that you have to keep it. But if you cannot, try and reschedule well on time. The idea is to avoid rushing your child to the dentist since this may even cause them to panic. If you can, arrive early for the appointment and ensure that the child gets comfortable in the lobby first. This should make it easy for them to keep their cool when they get to see the dentist.

Bring their favorite toy if you can

This is in order to ensure that your child feels safe and at home while on the dentist’s chair. The toy will allow them to be comfortable and relaxed, enabling the visit to go smoothly and without incident.

Taking your child for their first dentist’s appointment is a tough call, but it must be done. If your child is approaching their first birthday, you need to start looking for options with regards to children dentistry in Franklin. It may seem hard at first, but when you put in the effort well, you can protect your child’s teeth for a long time to come.