Tooth extraction can be a scary procedure for some patients, even if one has gone through it before or know what exactly is going to happen. Not everyone is entirely mentally prepared for their tooth extraction that they know what to do during and after the procedure. Tooth extraction would definitely be of overall benefit to you because what is causing pain or discomfort to you is going to be removed, however you need to ensure that you make an effort to take care of the end result after the extraction is completed.

What happens after a tooth extraction?

After the tooth extraction it is normal that the hole where your tooth used to be is going to bleed. Usually whenever you have a spot that starts bleeding, your blood starts to clot up there and that is exactly what happens when you get a tooth extraction. You have to ensure that you don’t disturb the clot and get it out of the socket because it would take out the plug which stops the bleeding.

Removing the clot might also cause you a problem called “dry socket” and this is not an easy condition to handle as you will need to get back to your dentist to check your tooth extraction spot. The tooth extraction’s recovery process usually lasts for about two weeks and it is important to follow your dentist’s advice in this time. You can reduce your discomfort post-tooth extraction and you can recover better by following these simple steps:

Take your medications


You have to remember to stay regular and compliant to the medications your dentist has given you. Ensure that you finish the whole course of any antibiotics you have been given by your dentist and alter the painkillers you need to take according to how much pain you are facing.

Use ice

Use an ice pack to rest on your affected cheek to reduce any swelling that might cause problems for you to chew or drink fluids. Ice would help reduce any form of inflammation and that would mean a more speedy recovery for you.

Keep the clot in place

For a whole day after your tooth extraction is completed, try not to rinse or gargle with anything including plain water. This might cause the blood clot that formed on the socket to come off and cause more bleeding. It could also cause problems with dry socket as we had mentioned earlier. Generally after 24 hours after the tooth extraction is completed, you can gently rinse your mouth with salt water to give the pain some relief. Make sure this water is lukewarm so that you don’t get any stinging sensitive pains when the hot or cold water touches the root of the socket.

Don’t overwork yourself

Sit back, stretch your legs out and relax because you shouldn’t be doing too much work for about a day after your tooth extraction. Don’t try to battle your work and your pain together because it would only slow down your recovery process. Take a chill pill and use this as a chance to take a nice break from your work and rest in well!

Drink more fluids

You should only be consuming soft foods for a few days after the tooth extraction. Try not to drink anything out of a straw so that the pressure in your mouth doesn’t cause the clot to dislodge from the socket or trigger any bleeding. Try to take foods like yoghurt and soups to slowly recover from the pain and allow the socket to heal. As you recover, you can slowly get back to your usual diet in no time.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is not good for your health and it is definitely not good to expose such a raw and open wound in your mouth to a whole lot of smoke. Keep away from smoking at least for a few days till you feel that you are recovering from the tooth extraction.

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