Advanced Restorative Dentistry in Franklin, MA

If certain dental problems have kept you from eating your favorite foods or smiling with ease, restorative dentistry can help you get your life back. At, Arcadia Dental Franklin, a highly-trained restorative dentist will determine the right corrective dental procedures to restore your natural smile – and your confidence.

At our comprehensive dental practice in Franklin, MA, we offer numerous in-house corrective dental procedures, in addition to high-quality General Dentistry, so you can receive all the expert care you need in one convenient location. If you’re interested in any of our restorative dentistry procedures, call us at (508)541-7400.

Corrective Dental Procedures at Arcadia Dental Franklin

If you’re interested in receiving high-quality corrective dental procedures in Franklin, MA, our team of hygienists, dentists and specialists will provide you with the excellent care you desire. Combining experience, skill and compassion, we can dramatically improve your smile through a variety of restorative dentistry procedures, such as the ones described in detail below.

    Expert Dental Cleaning and Exams

One of the most common corrective dental procedures performed today, composite dental fillings offer several benefits over traditional silver-colored amalgam fillings. Comprised of a natural-looking glass and composite material, they cosmetically blend in with the rest of your teeth and adhere directly to the tooth’s surface, allowing for less drilling and more of the tooth’s natural structure to remain intact. Although receiving composite dental fillings is a minimally-invasive restorative dentistry procedure, it can make a significant difference in the appearance and health of your smile.

    Expert Dental Cleaning and Exams

Sometimes teeth aren’t compromised enough to require a crown, but are still too damaged to be properly restored with just a filling. In these cases, your restorative dentist will likely suggest treatment with an inlay or onlay. An inlay covers the chewing surface in a tooth’s center between the cusps (points), while an onlay will cover one or more damaged cusps. Inlays and onlays are simple, popular restorative dentistry procedures that often prevent teeth from fracturing or needing to be extracted later.

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In addition to composite dental fillings, inlays and onlays, we offer many other corrective dental procedures, such as Affordable Dentures, Dental Crowns and Dental Implants. If you’re interested in visiting a highly-trained restorative dentist in Franklin, MA, call us at (508)541-7400.

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