Your smile communicates a lot to the outside world; it can be used to explain your mood, your dental health and hygiene, and in many cases, it is used as a basis to measure beauty. While some people are born with perfectly arranged teeth that are snow-white in color, others have to undergo certain cosmetic procedures so that they can achieve that perfect look. Of course, there are many factors that may cause imperfections in your teeth, and equally many ways of dealing with them in order to enhance your smile. Here’s a look at some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures:

Teeth whitening


Your teeth may get discolored due to smoking cigarettes, drinking excess red wine frequently or consuming water that is contaminated with chemicals and ions. In many cases, this results in a dull stained appearance that cannot be washed away by simple procedures such as cleaning with a brush and toothpaste, or flossing.

This can easily be remedied through bleaching in order to restore the original color of your teeth or make them even whiter as per your preference. The process involves washing your teeth with a bleaching solution several times in a session, for a specified period of time in order to achieve your desired look. This can be done at the hospital by the dentist, or at the comfort of your home using prescribed medication. It is really up to you to decide what you want.


The bonding process is considered the easiest, fastest and most affordable of all the cosmetic surgeries. It is basically a quick-fix that can be used to cover up unwanted gaps, discolored teeth and crooked or cracked ones. Bonding uses a special type of resin to obtain the desired results. The resin is applied onto your bare teeth and hardened using a special illumination which also creates a bonding effect in the process.

In the application process, the resin is usually chipped off and smoothened in order to fit the shape and size of your teeth, and cover any gaps that you may find unattractive. This resin can also be used to fill up cavities instead of using silver filling, which has a not-so-attractive appearance.


Basically, these are porcelain or plastic-made layers placed on your teeth to cover up the front blemishes hence enhance the appearance of your teeth. You should consider this type of cosmetic procedure if you have stained or chipped teeth, spaces in between them, and large gaps that distort the overall look. They also form a protective covering against stains and other harmful materials that may otherwise cause damage.

Veneers are resistant to many deterioration factors, so they are quite reliable and durable. The layer is applied on your teeth using adhesive cement to ensure that it does not fall off at any given time. At the end of the day, what matters is that you have a confident and beautiful smile.


These are layers that cover the whole teeth both front and back. They create a cap-like structure, which is like a cloth on a human body. Crowns are a preferred choice during restorative surgery for weak or broken teeth, and can be used for covering up other surgeries such as root canals and implants. Usually, a temporary crown is fitted on the original visit, and a permanent one later on after manufacture and customization.

Braces and bridges

Other procedures such as braces and bridges are used to make crooked teeth more aligned and fill in the spaces where previous teeth have been removed. They are both designed to be worn over a long period of time, though braces are removed and cleaned daily to maintain hygiene.