If you haven’t noticed, there is a trend on social media that has people showing how they whiten their teeth with activated charcoal. If you have seen posts like these, curiosity will definitely kill the cat. You want to know what the process might entail and whether it really works or not. Arcadia Dental has deep knowledge of the most advanced teeth whitening procedures. Our teeth whitening services are designed to improve your smile and help you boost your confidence. That’s why we can exactly tell you what you should know about activated charcoal usage and teeth whitening.

What Causes Tooth/Teeth Stains?

Tooth discoloration and surface stains can be caused by factors such as:

  • Tooth or teeth trauma
  • Childhood antibiotic tetracycline treatment
  • Excessive fluoride ingestion when teeth are still forming
  • Plaque accumulation and tartar deposits
  • Consumption of blueberries and cherries
  • Drinking red wine, soda, tea and coffee
  • Using chewed or smoked tobacco
  • The natural aging process

Why You Should Opt for Teeth Whitening


If you have thoughts about whitening your teeth, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Teeth whitening procedures top the list of requested cosmetic services even till today. There is a myriad of reasons why people whiten their teeth. These reasons include:

  • Attempts to reverse years of teeth yellowing and staining
  • Make it easier to make a positive first impression on others
  • Preparing oneself for special events including class reunions, job interviews, weddings, etc.
  • Achieve a younger appearance
  • Get a better smile that boosts self-esteem and confidence

What is Activated Charcoal and How Does It Work?

You might be surprised to know that activated charcoal is pretty similar to the regular charcoal everyone uses to fire up their barbeques with. However, the ‘activated’ variations are mostly used for medical applications. By medical applications, we mean lowering cholesterol levels, treating cholestasis during pregnancy, and treating intestinal gas. Activated charcoal can bought in pharmacies and health food stores, and are tasteless and odorless.

So how does activated charcoal work? Its pores bind with rough parts found on a patient’s teeth. The parts are usually plaque and surface stains. The charcoal needs to be given time to stick to your teeth. Once it is bonded with your teeth, and you remove it, the minerals take away surface stains, food particles and plaque with it.

Yes, you can also say that activated charcoal gets rid of surface stains in one fell swoop. Another important thing to know about activated charcoal is that it does not alter the color of teeth that are naturally yellow or deeply stained. Professional teeth whitening specialists from Arcadia Dental are needed at this point.

Is Activated Charcoal Safe?

While activated charcoal is safe to ingest, the minerals are abrasive and can damage the enamel of your teeth if the former is scrubbed against them. When one uses activated charcoal, they should lightly graze the teeth and not apply the charcoal too hard to the point it becomes scratching.

Chipping and other types of teeth damage may occur. Individuals with wounds in their mouths are not recommended to perform such procedures. What’s more, you should be aware that the activated charcoal option may not suit you. That’s why you should always consult your dentist before trying a procedure like this.

If you wish to know more about our expertise in teeth whitening in Franklin, don’t hesitate to contact Arcadia Dental today.