In modern dentistry, oral health has a lot to do with long-term teeth preservation. With strong and healthy teeth, you can eat just about anything without worrying about toothache, oral diseases and in some cases embarrassing situations as in the case of discolored teeth and bad breath. That explains why many dentists insist on good oral practices such as regular teeth brushing, flossing, cleaning and occasional dental visits. These simple factors go a long way to ensure that you have healthy and strong teeth. In severe dental cases, tooth extraction may be necessary. Here are explanations why you may need one.

Primary factors

There are primary factors that dentists use to determine whether you are going to have a tooth extraction or not. You should know that it is not always the wish of the dentist to remove your tooth. Certain factors rule out every other possibility. For instance, if you have been involved in an accident during sports and the damage to your tooth is extremely severe, the dentist will have no choice but to carry out a tooth extraction. Of course, he will try to save the tooth through the root canal or crown but sometimes these two can also be a failure. During the extraction process, a tooth is usually replaced by an artificial one.

Orthodontic treatment

You may also end up having a tooth extraction when receiving orthodontic treatment. This is usually necessary to avoid a condition commonly known in dentistry as crowding. Note that one or more teeth can be extracted with the objective of alleviating crowding. Crowding refers to a condition in which the jaws do not have sufficient space for accommodating all the teeth. It also relates to baby teeth and wisdom teeth that may fail to come out on their own. They end up interfering with other teeth and vital structures of the mouth. Tooth extraction is the solution that restores everything back to normal.

Setting the record straight

Sometimes people get scared when they hear about tooth extraction. The truth of the matter is that it is not a painful experience. The only thing that makes everything worse is failing to visit to a general dentist in Franklin. If you have a cracked or decayed tooth that is causing serious damage, extraction is the ultimate step to remedy the situation. It actually goes a long way to prevent further damages. Tooth extraction is a safe procedure. There is nothing to fear. When done in professional hands, everything will be smooth. Prior to treatment, a dentist will carry out radiographic examination involving x-ray to observe the condition of teeth.

How things work

The first step involves a thorough evaluation of the teeth structure using x-ray. If there is a serious dental problem that necessitates tooth extraction, there are a number of things that a dentist will do before starting the treatment. This involves evaluation of medical and drug history, simple tooth extraction and dental conclusions. Evaluation on medical and drug history helps a dentist to know whether you are going to respond well to anesthetics. On the other hand, simple tooth extraction is for mild cases. Serious cases often require more dental attention.

Tooth extraction generally revolves around these things. The first step for the treatment usually involves checking the medical history. Of course, this comes after the dentist has ascertained that you have a serious dental problem whose remedy is only tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is not painful. Once you receive an anesthetic, you will not feel any pain. The reasons why you may require tooth extraction include crowding and failure of wisdom or baby teeth to fall off.