Save Money

For the healthiest smile, it’s a good idea to visit our Franklin Dental Office at Arcadia Dental a minimum of twice a year. Even if you think you have no cavities or dental problems, budgeting time and money for dental care is extremely wise. Being able to care for the unexpected is critical with dental care, so here are some ideas on how you can prepare to preserve your teeth.

Know Your Dental Insurance Plan

If you have dental insurance, study your benefits — what procedures are covered and to what extent. Arcadia Dental accepts many dental insurance plans and is happy to provide you with upfront estimates of your costs for routine care and procedures. Our dental team also provides patients with several options for care when recommending procedures so we can match both budget and personal preferences. Patients make the best decisions when they are well-informed, so if certain things about your insurance plan don’t make sense to you, speak to the helpful team at Arcadia Dental!

What If I Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

You can receive quality dental care even if you don’t have dental insurance. Our Franklin dental office provides dental saving plans. We developed this program to help the many families and individuals that do not receive dental insurance from their employers and do not qualify for their children to use the state insurance. After the payment of a one-time activation fee, individuals and families receive quality dental treatment with no waiting period. All members of this program receive two cleanings and exams each year, free and discounted x-rays, and a 20% discount on other dental procedures. This 20% discount is even valid on procedures not usually covered by dental insurance plans such as veneers, cosmetics crowns, tooth bonding, adult orthodontics and much more. For more details on our incredible dental savings plan, call our office today!

HSAs and FSAs

Another option, both with and without dental insurance, is a health savings account, or flexible spending account. These accounts take money from your paycheck each month, before payroll taxes are deducted. This money can then be used to pay for medical expenses, like dental costs. Each year you save considerable money on your taxes by taking advantage of these accounts. If you don’t spend all of the funds, a certain amount can be rolled over to the next year.

Whether you are covered by dental insurance or not, Arcadia Dental is committed to providing you and your family with excellent dental care. Good dental health is not just a luxury for those with insurance. Schedule an appointment or consultation at Arcadia Dental Franklin to have the best dental health possible!