Why You Should Always Schedule Back To School Dental Appointments For Your Kids

Dental Appointment for Kids

Children look forward to back to school activities such as picking out brand new school supplies, orientations, new classroom friends, and more. However, not every kid counts down the days to a dentist appointment. That’s why it’s recommended that you make dental appointments as a back to school activity even if your child keeps to a proper oral care regime that involves regular brushing and flossing. That way, your kid will associate dental appointments with the start of a new school term and will understand that a session with the dentist is just like any other required back to school routine. Here are some of the reasons why you should follow this recommendation for your kids:

Your Kids Want to Look Their Best at School

It’s time to stop bribing your children to ‘put on a smile’ for the dentist. The thing that’s stopping them from visiting the dentist is fear. While this is totally normal, never let these fears lead to avoidance. So try offering dental visits as a back to school activity and let them know that their teeth will look extra sparkly for school pictures and more. That’s one way to get pumped up for their next dental appointment. Do remember to assure your kids that dentists are professionals, who are on the same page and want to help your kids look and feel great in school.

Your Child is Still Growing

Your kid’s mouth is constantly changing, and seeing a dentist twice a year during their junior school years is vital to ensure a clean bill of health for their “grown-up” teeth and gums. Regular dental checkups should also be added to the to-do list of back to school preparations because these visits provide children with smile insurance. Arcadia Dental in Franklin has many years of experience in the pediatric dentistry niche and can assist your little ones in maintaining healthy mouths and uncover dental problems.

Some Children Are Not Vocal about Pain Caused by Dental Problems

Children Dental Problems

It is important that you ensure dental checkups make their way up to the top of your little one’s back to school priority list. Young children may experience a painful tooth and that may also lead to chronic illnesses. What’s more, kids who are soft spoken may not always voice out the discomfort they may be experiencing in their mouth. When you notice your kid is experiencing problems with their teeth or gums, you need to bring your kid to a dentist right away. You can contact Arcadia Dental for prompt assistance.

Rectify the Mess after Those Bad Holiday Dental Habits

Many children love hard candies. Although these foods are on any young holiday-goer’s cheat list, candies tend to contain a significant amount of sugar – don’t be fooled by their minty flavor. The more candies your child consumes, more bacteria and sugar is allowed to stick and linger in their teeth and mouth. The increases the risks of cavity formation, which can eventually cause tooth decay. To help your child maintain his or her dental health after the holidays, you can consider packing cold lunches and let them pick out their favorite healthy snacks at the grocery store. Yes, eating healthy helps too!

Ready to Schedule a Back to School Dental Appointment with Arcadia Dental Franklin?

Take advantage of the excitement of your little one’s back to school preparations and begin to make dental trips a treat for your kids. Remember that every kid wants to feel and look great to combat the nerves of entering a new grade. At Arcardia Franklin, we are experienced in children dentistry in Franklin and will help your child achieve ideal oral health. We make each appointment as comfortable as possible for your little ones, so there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t hesitate to schedule your back to school dental appointment with us today!

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